The U & Improved Leadership Foundation provides leadership development training scholarships to deserving teenagers with the potential to positively impact their lives, the lives of their families and their communities.

Our mission is three-fold.

1. Raise funds through community partnerships and private donations.

2. Identify teenagers who would benefit from leadership development training but who lack funds for tuition.

3. Award scholarships to these deserving teens to cover the tuition and grant them the opportunity to graduate from this rewarding leadership development program.

The teen leadership program, U the Teen Leader, is a two-and-a-half intensive training class that challenges students to discover who they are and to become strong, confident, compassionate leaders in school, sports and life. Students also learn specifically how to positively impact and improve their relationships with friends and family. The class is fun, action-oriented and gets students out of their seats with hands-on processes that enhance teamwork skills, focus, communication and self-confidence.

Through this program, the U & Improved Leadership Foundation is empowering tomorrow’s leaders to face challenges and opportunities with confidence and arms them with the tools to make decisions that positively impact their future.

U & Improved Foundation